Videos of Grasshopper Invasion of Las Vegas

We are getting ready to head back to Vegas in a few weeks. Our attention has been drawn to watching videos of the grasshopper invasion of Las Vegas. We have never seen anything quite like it and are having a good time watching the videos. We just hope that they are on their way out when we arrive.

Videos of Grasshopper Invasion of Las Vegas



Free Drinks No Longer Included in Mirage Buffet

They say all good things come to an end and late last week another gem on the Vegas Strip had taken a hit. We learned that free alcoholic drinks are no longer included in the price of The Mirage Buffet.  Up until last week beer and wine was included with the buffet at The Mirage for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are now charging $14,99 for a 2 hour all you can drink package which includes a wider range of drinks.

The Mirage has also reduced the Military discount from 40% to 25% but reports are it still includes up to three guests.

Many of us are sad as it’s another freebie in Vegas that has bit the dust. There was nothing like starting your day off with a Goose Island or Bud Light to take the edge off.  Reportedly the only buffet in left in Vegas with free drinks is at the M Resort.

Mirage Buffet