Best Apps to Use When Visiting Las Vegas

Having a good collection of Apps on your smartphone can be important when visiting Las Vegas. There are so many options when it comes to entertainment, shows, dining and attractions. Having the right Apps on your iPhone, Android or tablet can save you time maneuvering between properties and find you unique places to visit.

Best Apps to Use When Visiting Las Vegas

Google Maps

Vegas is enormous and there are a zillion food, drink and entertainment options. Admitted it’s easy to get directions from hotel staff, visitors and there is lots of signage. Having a decent map app can help you figure out fast where you need to go and Google Maps will even give you directions to get there. What we like best is that you can pre-download the entire Vegas region to your phone so that you can use it if you find yourself with no cell coverage.

Best Apps to Use When Visiting Las Vegas

Uber and Lyft

Both Uber and Lyft are solid options for travel in Las Vegas. They have their own pick up and drop off spots and there are plenty of drivers so getting a ride never takes long. Rideshare is pretty smooth in Las Vegas. Read our ride share Location post for pick up and drop off spots at Current Uber and Lyft Pick Up and Drop off Locations in Las Vegas.

Open Table

Las Vegas has amazing and unique dining options. Restaurants can be busy as well and we love to make reservations through Open Table. It saves time and effort when making dining reservations. We also love to look up places that we might want to visit, read the reviews and browse the photos.

Best Apps to Use When Visiting Las Vegas

Groupon and Travel Zoo

The two powerhouses of group buying in Las Vegas. We rarely head to Las Vegas without a handful of purchases on these two apps. You can get amazing deals on attractions and activities, food and drink and show tickets. We are fans of the deals for The High Roller and discounts at restaurants such as $50 for $30. One of the great deals that comes and goes are discounted shopping cards at Miracle Miles Shopping Malls. They will basically sell 1/2 price cards for use at all shops. We stocked up on drinks at ABC and Vegas Knights gear at Lids.

Players Clubs Apps

We always have the main players clubs apps loaded on our phones when we head to Vegas. Especially the for the hotel that we are staying at. Mainly we have Mlife, Total Rewards and B Connected as those are the hotels that we frequent. They are great apps for checking on property maps, entertainment schedules, dining options and for checking your Players Clubs standing and points.


This was the one Vegas specific app that we like to download for out trip. It has a number of guides, maps and attraction listings. What we like about it is that it takes all of the Groupon, Travel Zoo and other deals websites and lists them in one handy place. It also allows you to bring up a map and it shows all of the deals in your proximity.

My Vegas

MyVegas is a game played on Facebook Android and iPhone. You play the games with chips to earn loyalty points which you can trade for freebies at Las Vegas hotels, restaurants and attractions. On Facebook you can play MyVegas and My Konami. On your smartphone or tablet you play MyVegas, My Konami, Pop Slots and Blackjack. You sync all of the games with your Facebook id so that your loyalty points all go to the same pot.

If you have not heard of the game before and think it’s a scam it is most certainly not. We have personally cashed in free tickets to KA, Beatles Love, 2-1 Terry Factor tickets, numerous buffets, attractions such as the Secret Garden as well as free nights at The Mirage.

We are going to do a big MyVegas post soon which will give you tips and tricks to get the most out of the game.

myvegas photo
Photo by eastcoastgambler99

Tips for any Las Vegas Vacation

Travel tips for any Las Vegas vacation. A trip to Las Vegas can be overwhelming as there are lots of attractions and activities to do. The sheer size of the resorts can make your trip challenging. Follow these Las Vegas vacation trip tips to make your next stay a success. Get these tips for hotels stays, dining and restaurants, activities and attractions and Las Vegas shows. We will help you make the best of your trip to fabulous Las Vegas.

Vegas Hotel and Resort Tips

  • Weekends and holidays are expensive – Expect to pay more for weekend and holidays. You can most certainly save money by visiting Monday – Thursday in Vegas. Holidays will also see a spike in room rates because the demand for rooms rise. Surge pricing during conventions is also real. If you are seeing very high rates chances are there is a major convention in town. Also be aware of major sporting or music events such as fights or March Madness. Shop around for dates and book with what you are comfortable with.
  • You can change your reservation – Last year I booked a December stay at the Mirage in September. By December the Mirage was offering better prices with more freeplay and resort credit. I simply called and changed my reservation for the better deal. Keep  your eye on prices and deals if if you booked directly through the hotel and don’t be afraid to call and ask for the better deal.
  • Resort Fees on the rise – Resort fees are a fee that is paid directly to the hotel upon check out. They are not included in your pricing if you booked through a third party travel website. The fee can range anywhere from $20 – $40 a day. This fee gives you access to such things as wifi, self parking, printing boarding passes and fitness rooms. Most hotels have them in effect and you can see them in our Current Las Vegas Resort Fees post. Resort fees are one of the most controversial and despised aspects of Las Vegas.
  • Sign Up for Players Cards – Every hotel has a loyalty or Players Club program like Mlife or Total Rewards. Sign up and use your card whenever you can for bonuses and freebies. Show your card when shopping at hotel stores or eating in their restaurants. If you get enough points you may get part of your final bill comp’d. Hotels will also give bonus’ to new sign ups and the points you gain can be used for gambling or food purchases. If you are staying at an MGM property you can charge bills to your room at any other MGM property. It’s an easy way to make sure you get your points and credit for  your purchases. Another reason i shows the hotels how much you are spending and you can get offers for free rooms without spending a lot of money. Just use your card when playing and you will get offers to your Players Club account online or email if you signed up with one.
  • Parking will cost you – Hotels looking to maximize their profits have implemented daily parking charges. Beware this extra charge if you plan on driving into Vegas. Check with the hotel directly for their parking policy.

The Mirage Resort King
Taken from the 24th floor The Mirage in Dec. 2017

Getting Around in Vegas Tips

  • Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes – This is an important tip. Properties in Vegas are enormous in size and you will be walking more than you think. You might look fabulous walking the strip in high heels but your feet are not going to like you by the end of a sight seeing tour. My watch logged roughly 10 miles a day in just doing normal gawking around the strip. With properties like The Venetian, Caesars and The Bellagio it’s a hike just to get into the hotel proper from the sidewalk.
  • Utilize cheap transportation – We wrote about the use of The Free Tram System in Vegas which is a decent way to get around the strip. Vegas also has a great bus system. Called The Deuce (double decker) the bus is constantly running up and down the strip and stops at every hotel. The double elongated bus called the SDX stops less frequently and is perfect for taking downtown to Fremont St. You can buy bus passes from machines located at the stops. Remember, no open containers on the buses. Lyft and Uber are also great ride share choices and we will post about getting deals on those later on.
  • Ignore the Street Hustlers and Time Share Scammers – Walking any where near Bally’s, Planet Hollywood and across from NYNY you are going to be approached by hustlers. They will be giving out cards for escorts, vip club passes and trying to lure you to a time share presentations. Outside the MM Mall at Planet Hollywood they will pretend to be working for the mall and offer a coupon book which is a diversion to get you signed up for a time share presentation. Just ignore them as most of them won’t bother you past their initial hustle. If they persist we use the “just heading to the airport” response which is usually enough.

Las Vegas trips

Planet Hollywood taken Dec, 2015. Classic area for hustlers.

Food and Drink Tips for Las Vegas

  • Bring a collapsible cooler – Depending where you stay a fridge is not included with your room. MGM for example stock the in room fridge with snacks and drinks. A fridge is an extra charge. We purchased as small collapsible cooler from Amazon which fits in our suite case perfectly.
  • Shop for snacks and drinks off site – The mark up for snacks and drinks at Hotel stores is insane. The landscape of Vegas has changed and there are Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacies everywhere now. Stock up on your snacks, bottled water and beverages here. Even some of the smaller shops you see like outside of Harrah’s are offering pretty decent rates on beverages.
  • Red Solo Cups are your friend – The alcohol laws in Vegas are pretty relaxed. You can consume in public places but no glass bottles and if you purchase a closed container it can’t  consumed on the premises, or within 1,000 feet, of the store. Red Solo Cups are perfect for travelling from hotel to hotel. Most places on Fremont offer solo cups as you are leaving and heading out to the street.
  • Happy Hour is a thing – Vegas is famous for Happy Hour offering great food and drink deals. Generally before 6:00 pm you can get 1/2 price food and reduced drinks at most places. Some also have a Happy Hour later at night. There is no way we can tackle keeping a list on that so lets just say that google is your friend.
  • Sign up for Email Lists – Create a throw away email account and see if any of the restaurants you are planning to go to have rewards for joining. For example, Hash House a Go Go at the LINQ will send you a birthday 2-1 coupon every year and Holsteins at The Cosmo will send you a reward like a free booze milkshake.

Happy Hour Vegas tips

Happy Hour at Pizza Rock Downtown Vegas taken Dec. 2017

Las Vegas for the Frugal

  • Coupons – There used to be coupon magazines in cabs or in the lobby’s of hotels but those are in a bit of decline as of late. There are still two great coupon books out there. We have used both books in the past. It’s just a matter of what you think you would get better use of.
    • American Casino Guide – Available for under $15 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble this is packed with coupons for food, drink and games in Vegas. We find that it has lots of lower value coupons but that makes it worth the price. There are lots of food deals on the strip and downtown Fremont St.
    • Las Vegas Adviser – You join their membership website for $37 a year and get their coupon book and monthly magazine. When compared to the ACG but we found it had some higher end coupons. For example, the 2-1 Buffet at The Cosmo is a great value. We covered the costs and more after using only three coupons for food, drinks and play.
  • Groupon – Another great resource for getting deals in Vegas is Groupon. We start looking about three months our from our trip for deals. You will be sure to find a deal on dining and on may attractions and activities.
  • Travel Zoo – Sometimes forgotten is Travel Zoo. We like to look for dining and drinks deals but they have a good collection of Activities and Shows as well. For example, we used it for a great deal on Penn and Teller a few trips back.

These are just some basic tips to help out on your Vegas vacation. Most of them are common sense tips that could be applied anywhere you visit but Vegas can be expensive and exhausting if you don’t know what you are getting into. If you have a tip or suggestion please leave a comment.