Las Vegas Food Porn

Las Vegas is known for it’s attractions, shows, gambling and luxurious resorts but also love the food choices. When we visit Las Vegas we love trying different restaurants and trying different foods. While we are not high end foodies we do try to visit different venues. We present some of our personal photos of food and drinks from the various restaurants and food places we have visited in Vegas. We present our collection of Las Vegas food porn.

Las Vegas Food Porn

We present photos of the restaurants and places we have visited in Las Vegas to sample food. Some of the places listed may no longer be in business. Restaurants can change pretty quick in Vegas.

Carnegie Deli at The Mirage

The Carnegie Deli The Mirage is now closed but it was a stop we enjoyed on our trips. The server suggested we split our clubhouse sandwich and we are glad we did. It was massive.

Carnegie Deli The Mirage Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill on Fremont St.

The first place we ate at in Las Vegas. The Heart Attack Grill. Burgers, fries and a few drinks. If you don’t finish your food you get a paddling from one of the servers.

Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

The Hexx

One of the best people watching patios in town and the food is a home run. Chicken Sandwich, fries and a Vodka Caesar.

The Hexx Las Vegas

In-N-Out Burger at The Linq

Our first experience with In-N-Out Burger. We enjoyed the food but didn’t see what all of the fuss was about. We have had better and we have had worse. Still it’s worth it to give it a try.

In-N-Out Burger Linq Las Vegas

LVB Burger at The Mirage

LVB Burger is no longer in business at The Mirage. We ate there a couple of times and I enjoyed their gourmet burgers. I do not recall what this monstrosity was called but it did the trick after a night of drinking on The Strip.

LVB Burger The Mirage Las Vegas

Sliders from The Still at The Mirage

The Still Sports Bar at The Mirage in Las Vegas is one place we stop at often in Vegas. The atmosphere is great for grabbing quick bites and drinks and the staff have always been amazing. The Burger Sliders are our go to but we love the wings as well.

The Still at The Mirage in Vegas

Free Drinks No Longer Included in Mirage Buffet

They say all good things come to an end and late last week another gem on the Vegas Strip had taken a hit. We learned that free alcoholic drinks are no longer included in the price of The Mirage Buffet.  Up until last week beer and wine was included with the buffet at The Mirage for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are now charging $14,99 for a 2 hour all you can drink package which includes a wider range of drinks.

The Mirage has also reduced the Military discount from 40% to 25% but reports are it still includes up to three guests.

Many of us are sad as it’s another freebie in Vegas that has bit the dust. There was nothing like starting your day off with a Goose Island or Bud Light to take the edge off.  Reportedly the only buffet in left in Vegas with free drinks is at the M Resort.

Mirage Buffet

Cheap Breakfast Options in Las Vegas

Finding cheap breakfast options in Las Vegas is getting harder each and every year. While many are lured to Vegas with the promise of cheap shows, drinks and food this is sadly no longer the case. Much of the Las Vegas Strip is moving towards fine and upscale dining or has just become expensive overall. We have been taken a few times in paying for over priced breakfasts so hopefully we can pass a few of our experiences onto you. We will look at where not to eat and where to eat in Vegas.

Where not to eat breakfast in Las Vegas

The first thing you will notice in Las Vegas is that every casino or resort has a breakfast or diner style restaurant generally right off the casino floor. They are mostly open late and noticeably “convenient”.  You will pay for this convenience. Due to their location in high traffic areas they have no incentive to off a cheap breakfast special. We have eaten at a few of them in the past and paid upwards of $60 for two breakfast meals that consisted of an omelette, hash browns, pancakes and coffees. In our opinion this is very expensive. We really would have been better off having the Buffet. We now avoid the cafes located within the casinos.

Cheap Breakfast Options in Las Vegas

There are still a number of great cheap breakfast options in Las Vegas. You just have to find them. Lets look at a few different types or types of places that offer an inexpensive start to your day.

Buffets – Breakfast buffets in Vegas are still a viable option. These are mostly our go to if we are going to have a busy day and want to fuel up. They will still run you in that $20 range but at least you will get as much as you want to eat and drink. Our favorite is Cravings Buffet at The Mirage. It is under $20 and includes beer and house wine in the price. Nothing like starting the day with beer for breakfast.

Mirage Breakfast Buffet Las Vegas

Fast Food – If you are in for a quick breakfast fix there are still a number of options along the strip. There is a McDonald’s near the bridge at Planet Hollywood for example. You will also find a number of options located near Casino Royale (beside Harrah’s). There is another McDonald’s, Denny’s, White Castle and Subway. We tried the Denny’s last year during Rodeo but it was completely packed so we opted for a couple of breakfast sandwiches at The Subway.

Miracle Mile Shops –  The best bet at a sit down meal at at diner along the strip is probably The Miracle Mile Shops located in Planet Hollywood. There are a number of restaurants in the mall that still offer a reasonable breakfast for under $10. Two that stand out are PBR Rock Bar and Ocean One Bar & Grille. Both offer eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns for roughly $5.99. Ocean Bar also offers up 3-1 drinks all day.

There are a number of other great places on the strip to get a decent breakfast meal but nothing as economical at the establishments mentioned above.  We have to give a shout to two great places that we have enjoyed over the years.

The first is the Hash House A Go Go at The Linq. Some people might accuse it of being a gimmick type restaurant but we love it. The portions are insanely large and fun. There is always a bit of a wait but it’s worth it. The photo below is I believe their Sage Chicken with the BLT Bloody Mary in the background. The BLT came with it’s on toast and mayo and all the fixings in the drink.

cheap breakfast options las vegas

The second place is the famous Peppermill Fireside Lounge which is located closer to The Stratosphere. We suggest taking an uber or bus to get there. The Peppermill is one of the last remaining old school Vegas spots left of the the strip. The place is split into two rooms. The old school lounge with comfy seats and a fire pit and the restaurant. We recommend having a before or after lunch drink in the lounge. They serve an omelette that we found hard to finish.  This has become one restaurant that we will be sure to visit every trip.

+Peppermill Lounge Las Vegas

Hopefully this will help you find a decently priced breakfast dinner in Las Vegas. Have a look at our other restaurants in Las Vegas posts for suggestions on other dining venues.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Las Vegas

The subject of food and what restaurants are best is always a contentious subject among diners. You have hardcore foodies and casual diners that have different expectations and standards. There are a few places that be agreed serve the best pizza in Las Vegas. We have dined at two of the four restaurants have the other two on our list.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Las Vegas

Five-50 at Aria

FIVE50 Pizza Bar - Las Vegas (Aria)

Aria Five-50 comes highly recommend among pizza enthusiasts in Las Vegas. We first ate there back in 2015 after a trip to the Hoover Dam. They offer a full sit down dining experience or you can grab a quick slice if you are on the go. We opted to make our own three topping pizza. We also sampled a few beers from a local brewery that brewed special for Aria. We did enjoy our experience but it certainly came at the price of “casino costing”.  On subsequent trips we have opted to just grab a  quick slice instead of a sit down meal.

FIVE50 Pizza Bar - Las Vegas (Aria)

Pizza Rock at Fremont

Best Pizza in Las Vegas - Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock may have been my favourite dining experience so far in Vegas. It’s actually located one block north of the Fremont St Experience and is right beside The Downtown Grand. There is a walkway that takes you right there. We were lucky to get there before 6:00 and enjoy happy hour. The personal size pizza you see above was only $7 and the large selection of beer was on sale as well. We enjoyed an amazing meal and drinks at a great price.  Their happy hour runs 3:00 – 6:00 and from 10:00 until close every day. If you are a pizza fan and on Fremont St we highly recommend it.

Pizza Rock

Grimaldi’s at The Venetian

Kids Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas- Grimaldi's Pizzeria

If you are looking for a true NY style pizza in Las Vegas then you owe yourself a trip to Grimaldi’s at The Venetian. Admittedly we have not had a chance to try it out yet but have been reading so many positive reviews that it’s on our list. The reviews we have read center around the NY style and the restaurant itself and it’s NY like decor.  If you sign up for their mailing list they will send you a pizza on your birthday. We added it to  our Birthday Deals and Freebies in Las Vegas.

Secret Pizza at The Cosmo

Secret Pizza Place at Cosmo

Not so much of a secret any longer. The Secret Pizza at The Cosmo is located on the third floor and the end of a long hallway covered in album covers.  With it’s gain in popularity comes longer lines, especially late at night. Most reviews agree that the pizza is good with a lot of no frills nonsense. We haven’t made our way to this place yet but it’s on our list.

These are four pretty solid pizza recommendations for Las Vegas.  These four restaurants continually come up on social media and forums when people are asking where they should go to get a decent pizza experience in Las Vegas. If you have any other feel free to let us know and we will add them our list.

Where to get coffee in Vegas

Did you know that most resorts and hotels in Las Vegas do not have coffee machines in the room? Many people are surprised when they find this out. It kind of makes sense. Hotels in Vegas do not want you sitting in your room drinking free coffee. They want you on their casino floor or in their restaurants drinking coffee. It’s as simple as that. Where do you get a decent cup of coffee in Vegas then?

Where to get coffee in Vegas

Make Your Own Coffee

I have read where some people bring their own Keurig. You can purchase a small sized Keurig machine in Amazon or places like Ebay relatively inexpensive and pack it for your trip. You can also buy a variety of small instant coffee makers from Walmart and bring them along. It doesn’t have to be a Keurig.  Making your own coffee in your room is an option if you want to bring your own machine. Pretty easy to do if you aren’t flying into town.


You would be shocked to know that there is practically a Starbucks on every corner on the Las Vegas strip. We would say that in every hotel and resort there is a Starbucks waiting to serve you up your coffee fix. The following map will give you an idea of just how many of Starbucks locations there are on The Strip in Las Vegas. Nothing is cheap in Vegas and Starbucks in no exception. Be prepared to stand in line. Any of the shops we passed by were lined up out the door in the morning hours.

Here is the link from their website which shows all Starbucks Location Vegas Strip.

starbucks las vegas

Recommended Coffee Shops

If you are not a Starbucks fan there are quite a few really good coffee shops on the strip. Most hotels will have their own breakfast restaurant or cafe onsite where you can grab a cup. For example, there is The Pantry at The Mirage or The Aria Cafe at The Aria.

Looking for other recommended  coffee shops along the strip? Here are a few other places you can visit.

Amorino Gelato at The LINQ

Amorino at Linq photo
Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

LavAzza at Bally’s

Va Bene at The Cosmopolitan

The Coffee Bean at Grand Canal Shoppes

There are lots of hidden gems for coffee along the Las Vegas strip. You just have to explore a little to find the really good one. We have given you a bit of head start on your journey. If you find a coffee shop you think people would like drop us a comment.

Top Burger Places on the Las Vegas Strip

Notice that we didn’t say the best burger places on the Las Vegas Strip. That kind of statement is fighting words to burger enthusiasts. Instead lets take a look at some of the better or top burger joints in Las Vegas. There are lots to choose from and they all have their specialties. We obviously have not tried them all but we have been to enough of them to be able to post. I am not going to give a big review just point out where some of the great burger places are in Las Vegas.


One of the most pleasant surprises we had was our lunch at FatBurger which is located across from The Park area on the main strip in Las Vegas. I originally had a free burger for my birthday coupon from joining their mailing list but it wasn’t good at that location. The manager gave me a free burger anyways which was awesome. We really liked this burger over most others we have had. The street hustlers in front on the sidewalk are great entertainment.

Fatburger photo
Photo by SimonDoggett

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Booby’s Burger Palace sits at the entrance to The Aria and you can reach it from the street right off The Strip. We have never ate there but only walked by a number of times. It’s your order and find a table type place. A few reviews we read through agreed they weren’t gigantic burgers but people enjoyed them and raved about the sauces.  Especially the  jalapeno sauce which you can get at your table.

Bobbys Burger Palace photo
Photo by justgrimes

LVB Burgers at The Mirage

This one we did sample in December. The LVB Burgers is located in The Mirage right when you enter the doors from the strip across from Harrah’s. I had the Egg and Jalapeno Burger and I am guessing it’s a mushroom swiss on the other side of the table.  It’s a full sit down restaurant experience with wait staff. This was more of a gourmet type burger.

LVB Burgers at the Mirage

In and Out Burger

In and Out Burger is located at the The Linq Promenade. We ventured there last May for our first In and Out experience. We made the mistake of going at noon. The place was packed to brim with many people eating outside around the restaurant. We were lucky to get a table. If you look at the Fatburger and then at this one there is a huge difference. While we enjoyed it we didn’t see what the big deal was. We expected something a little more.

Carl’s Jr.

We are throwing Carl’s Jr in because it’s the last piece of Vegas that we enjoy as we sit waiting for our plane home at McCarran Airport. I know this one is pure fast food but there is something about that sauce that gets me every time. We had vouchers from a flight delay and I loaded my carry on with these bad boys.

There are a dozen more we need to add and will work on it. Some of other great burger places in Vegas include Holsteins at the Cosmo, Gordon Ramsey at Planet Hollywood and Prime Burger at The Venetian. We haven’t been to these places (yet) so we will need to some digging. If you want to add to this post please leave a comment.