Top Burger Places on the Las Vegas Strip

Notice that we didn’t say the best burger places on the Las Vegas Strip. That kind of statement is fighting words to burger enthusiasts. Instead lets take a look at some of the better or top burger joints in Las Vegas. There are lots to choose from and they all have their specialties. We obviously have not tried them all but we have been to enough of them to be able to post. I am not going to give a big review just point out where some of the great burger places are in Las Vegas.


One of the most pleasant surprises we had was our lunch at FatBurger which is located across from The Park area on the main strip in Las Vegas. I originally had a free burger for my birthday coupon from joining their mailing list but it wasn’t good at that location. The manager gave me a free burger anyways which was awesome. We really liked this burger over most others we have had. The street hustlers in front on the sidewalk are great entertainment.

Fatburger photo
Photo by SimonDoggett

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Booby’s Burger Palace sits at the entrance to The Aria and you can reach it from the street right off The Strip. We have never ate there but only walked by a number of times. It’s your order and find a table type place. A few reviews we read through agreed they weren’t gigantic burgers but people enjoyed them and raved about the sauces.  Especially the  jalapeno sauce which you can get at your table.

Bobbys Burger Palace photo
Photo by justgrimes

LVB Burgers at The Mirage

This one we did sample in December. The LVB Burgers is located in The Mirage right when you enter the doors from the strip across from Harrah’s. I had the Egg and Jalapeno Burger and I am guessing it’s a mushroom swiss on the other side of the table.  It’s a full sit down restaurant experience with wait staff. This was more of a gourmet type burger.

LVB Burgers at the Mirage

In and Out Burger

In and Out Burger is located at the The Linq Promenade. We ventured there last May for our first In and Out experience. We made the mistake of going at noon. The place was packed to brim with many people eating outside around the restaurant. We were lucky to get a table. If you look at the Fatburger and then at this one there is a huge difference. While we enjoyed it we didn’t see what the big deal was. We expected something a little more.

Carl’s Jr.

We are throwing Carl’s Jr in because it’s the last piece of Vegas that we enjoy as we sit waiting for our plane home at McCarran Airport. I know this one is pure fast food but there is something about that sauce that gets me every time. We had vouchers from a flight delay and I loaded my carry on with these bad boys.

There are a dozen more we need to add and will work on it. Some of other great burger places in Vegas include Holsteins at the Cosmo, Gordon Ramsey at Planet Hollywood and Prime Burger at The Venetian. We haven’t been to these places (yet) so we will need to some digging. If you want to add to this post please leave a comment.

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