Las Vegas Photo of the Week Feb 23rd, 2019

This weeks Las Vegas Photo of the Week is a shot of the Aria Casino and The Aria Tram that travels between the Bellagio and The Park. This photo was taken way back in 2015 during one of our great and memorable stays at The Aria. We have stayed three times at The Aria in a regular room, strip view and in a Corner Suite. If you want a pampered and spoiled stay in Las Vegas then The Aria is exactly what you are looking for. There are upscale dining experiences, a relaxed gaming floor and one of the best buffets in town. Since is one of the newest resorts on the strip in Las Vegas is has a state of the art ventilation systems for those that love a smoke free experience.

If you want more information on the various free trams in Las Vegas please read our The Free Tram System in Las Vegas post. We break down each of the free tram routes and give you the times they operate as well as a map to help you out.

Las Vegas Photo of the Week


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Plastic Straws Phased Out at MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has begun the process of phasing out plastic straws at it’s resorts. The  company has dubbed the campaign “The Straw Reduction Initiative”. The initiative began earlier this week at The Aria and Mandalay Bay Resorts. The company estimated that it was using 250,000 per day, and about 100 million per year. Plastic straws are bad for the environment as they take a couple of hundred years to breakdown. MGM has stated that this is a green initiative and not a cost cutting measure as many on social media are stating.

Plastic Straws Phased Out at MGM Resorts
Photo by Dean Hochman

Visitors can still get a plastic straw if they ask for one. They are no longer going to be just given out as they have in the past. So no worries, if you require a straw in Las Vegas  you can still get one. They will still be handing them out with frozen drinks and to go cups. Restaurants and stores such as Starbucks within the resorts are still handing out straws as well.

Reusable Plastic Straws

The phasing out of plastic straws in something that is not localized to Vegas. There will be more and more companies ditching plastic straws over the next few years. As stated it’s good for the environment and it saves them money. Like many people that bring their reusable coffee mug in for a fill up we will be using reusable straws in the future. You can already buy a number of different options on Amazon. You can purchase inexpensive plastic straws, steel straws and a number of different types of collapsible reusable straws for easy carrying.