The 2018 American Casino Guide

The 2018 American Casino Guide

There are basically two coupon books for Las Vegas that are worth buying. The American Casino Guide (ACG) and the Las Vegas Advisor (LVA). Both offer great value to any Vegas traveler offering a number of 2-1 Coupons for dining, gaming and shows. We have used both coupon books and it’s really a matter of what coupons interest you or fit your trip better. Lets focus on the ACG for now.

The main features of the American Casino Guide are:

  • 177 coupons in the book.
  • 150 coupons for Las Vegas.
  • The ACG is the cheaper of the two. You can find it for under $15 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
  • Offers coupons for Las Vegas casinos and all over the United States.
  • The book estimates that there is over $1,000 in savings.
  • Included are guides and information about casinos and resorts all over the Unites States.

Is the American Casino Guide Worth It?

The biggest question you come across online is whether the American Casino Guide is worth it or not. It’s a $15 coupon book so think about it that way. You don’t have to use very many coupons from the book to get your money back. If you use only one or two of the 2-1 Buffet coupons you have save money with the ACG. And that is not to mention the number play coupons and attraction coupons like the 2-1 Madam Tussaud Wax Museum or the 2-1 Eiffel Tower Day coupon. Even if you only use a few random food and beverage coupons your books is paid for.

American Casino Guide 2018 Edition

How does the American Casino Guide work?

  • There is a “membership” type card in the book that you may be asked to show when redeeming coupons. This prevents people from giving coupons away but I would say that it is rare that you would have to show it. It is thin and will fit in your wallet so it’s not a problem.
  • The majority of the coupons require you to have a Players Club card at the hotel you using it in. The only draw back is signing up for cards as it can be sometimes busy.
  • Gaming type coupons you present to the hotels Players Club and they will present you with a coupon or add the coupon to your players card.
  • Food and beverage coupons you present to your server.

Can you use ACG and LVA coupons at the same time?

The general consensus is that you can use them at the same time with no problems. You may have to cash them in at separate times as in use one for gaming and come back after and add the other.

2018 List of American Casino Guide Coupons for Las Vegas

Free deck of cards at Downtown Grand Las Vegas
$10 match play for any even-money table game bet at Rampart Casino Resort at Summerlin
$10 match play for any even-money table game bet (one coupon per calendar year) at Plaza Hotel and Casino
$10 Matchplay on any Even Money Table Game Bet at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
$10 off any service of $50 or more at Uno Salon at Flamingo Las Vegas
$10 off Entree at Voodoo Steak at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
$10 Table Game Match Play at Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
$10 Table Game Matchplay at Hooters Casino Hotel
$10 Table Games Matchplay at The Orleans
$15 off a purchase of $30 or more at Baliwick at The Orleans

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