Cheap Breakfast Options in Las Vegas

Finding cheap breakfast options in Las Vegas is getting harder each and every year. While many are lured to Vegas with the promise of cheap shows, drinks and food this is sadly no longer the case. Much of the Las Vegas Strip is moving towards fine and upscale dining or has just become expensive overall. We have been taken a few times in paying for over priced breakfasts so hopefully we can pass a few of our experiences onto you. We will look at where not to eat and where to eat in Vegas.

Where not to eat breakfast in Las Vegas

The first thing you will notice in Las Vegas is that every casino or resort has a breakfast or diner style restaurant generally right off the casino floor. They are mostly open late and noticeably “convenient”.  You will pay for this convenience. Due to their location in high traffic areas they have no incentive to off a cheap breakfast special. We have eaten at a few of them in the past and paid upwards of $60 for two breakfast meals that consisted of an omelette, hash browns, pancakes and coffees. In our opinion this is very expensive. We really would have been better off having the Buffet. We now avoid the cafes located within the casinos.

Cheap Breakfast Options in Las Vegas

There are still a number of great cheap breakfast options in Las Vegas. You just have to find them. Lets look at a few different types or types of places that offer an inexpensive start to your day.

Buffets – Breakfast buffets in Vegas are still a viable option. These are mostly our go to if we are going to have a busy day and want to fuel up. They will still run you in that $20 range but at least you will get as much as you want to eat and drink. Our favorite is Cravings Buffet at The Mirage. It is under $20 and includes beer and house wine in the price. Nothing like starting the day with beer for breakfast.

Mirage Breakfast Buffet Las Vegas

Fast Food – If you are in for a quick breakfast fix there are still a number of options along the strip. There is a McDonald’s near the bridge at Planet Hollywood for example. You will also find a number of options located near Casino Royale (beside Harrah’s). There is another McDonald’s, Denny’s, White Castle and Subway. We tried the Denny’s last year during Rodeo but it was completely packed so we opted for a couple of breakfast sandwiches at The Subway.

Miracle Mile Shops –  The best bet at a sit down meal at at diner along the strip is probably The Miracle Mile Shops located in Planet Hollywood. There are a number of restaurants in the mall that still offer a reasonable breakfast for under $10. Two that stand out are PBR Rock Bar and Ocean One Bar & Grille. Both offer eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns for roughly $5.99. Ocean Bar also offers up 3-1 drinks all day.

There are a number of other great places on the strip to get a decent breakfast meal but nothing as economical at the establishments mentioned above.  We have to give a shout to two great places that we have enjoyed over the years.

The first is the Hash House A Go Go at The Linq. Some people might accuse it of being a gimmick type restaurant but we love it. The portions are insanely large and fun. There is always a bit of a wait but it’s worth it. The photo below is I believe their Sage Chicken with the BLT Bloody Mary in the background. The BLT came with it’s on toast and mayo and all the fixings in the drink.

cheap breakfast options las vegas

The second place is the famous Peppermill Fireside Lounge which is located closer to The Stratosphere. We suggest taking an uber or bus to get there. The Peppermill is one of the last remaining old school Vegas spots left of the the strip. The place is split into two rooms. The old school lounge with comfy seats and a fire pit and the restaurant. We recommend having a before or after lunch drink in the lounge. They serve an omelette that we found hard to finish.  This has become one restaurant that we will be sure to visit every trip.

+Peppermill Lounge Las Vegas

Hopefully this will help you find a decently priced breakfast dinner in Las Vegas. Have a look at our other restaurants in Las Vegas posts for suggestions on other dining venues.

Las Vegas News of the Week May 5th, 2019

We have been thinking about a way to bring you Las Vegas News each week. We think that a quick bullet point article each week with quick links to some of the happenings in Vegas is the best way to go about it. Some weeks in Las Vegas may be slower than others but hopefully we will be able to keep you up on the news happenings in Sin City this way.

  • The Wynn now has free self parking for everyone. The Wynn Las Vegas is the first resort to cancel paid self parking for it’s guests. Valet Parking is still available to guests and non-guests who spend $50 and get validated. Let’s hope that the other resorts on The Las Vegas Strip follow suite. The paid parking issue has been a hot topic since it’s introduction. ( Source: Wynn Las Vegas nixes fees for self-parking)
  • Cirque du Soleil announces new show ‘R.U.N’ at The Luxor. The show opens October 24, 2019 and is a tribute to stunts and live action. The new show will likely be in the space previously occupied by Chris Angel.

  • Marijuana Lounges have been approved in Las Vegas by City Council. There is a large misconception that cannabis is legal everywhere in Nevada but the fact is that it can only be used on residential premises. The approval of lounges is big news for Las Vegas but don’t expect to see one on The Strip anytime soon. (Source: Fox5Vegas)
  • Renovations of the Fremont Street Experience Canopy have begun. They will be updating the lighting system, adding new digital content as well as adding interactive features such as being able to add personal messages. The lights will be 3x brighter if you can imagine that. Don’t worry the light show will carry on nightly during the renovation period. (Source: LasVegasNow)

las vegas photo

Las Vegas Photo of the Week May 5th, 2019

This weeks Las Vegas Photo of the Week takes us to Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel on Fremont Street. Binion’s has been around since the 1950’s and is still going strong today. Binion’s is one of our go to places when visiting the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. You can get your picture taken with Binion’s Billions which is a real stack of a billion dollars (enclosed in glass). We also recommend Top of Binion’s Steakhouse which sits on the 24th floor and over spectacular views of Las Vegas. It is a true Old School Las Vegas dining experience. We recommend the Chicken Fried Lobster.

Las Vegas Photo of the Week


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