Best Places to View MSG Sphere in Vegas

The MSG Sphere in Vegas has been all the talk since it turned on earlier in 2022. The Sphere has delighted tourists and visitors to Vegas with it’s spectacular light show and images. What are the best places to view the MSG Sphere in Vegas? There have been many weighing in on this. Some of the places are easy to get to while many are not practical for your ordinary tourist. Vegas Savvy has compiled a list of some of the best places to view the Sphere in Vegas.

This list is complied from reviewing various topics around the internet. These spots are some of the ones that keep getting recommended. I also found a couple of my own.

Best Places to View MSG Sphere in Vegas
  • The Venetian self park garage, the higher the better. This spot is highly recommended. Directions to the Parking Garage.
  • Bridge connecting Wynn to Venetian. A busy spot from a few different reviews.
  • Top Golf at MGM Grand. Check for reservations. It can be quite busy and Vegas expensive.
  • The High Roller. You have to pay for the ride. I have been on it a few times. It totally faces The Sphere.
  • McDonald’s on Paradise & Twain – 3700 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas. *Not a great area or neighborhood.*

On our last two trip I found these two little gems.

  • The Monorail and specifically The Convention Centre Platform. The Mono rail gives you a pretty decent view of the Sphere in Vegas. It moves from side to side and gets obscured a few times. You can see the Convention Center platform towards the end of this video. It offers a pretty good view.

  • The Bellagio Tram Platform. Maybe not the greatest spot to view the Sphere. We stay at MGM Properties so we pass by here many times each trip. You get a little distorted view but it’s a no brainer if you are using the MGM Tram at Bellagio. Just head to the right side corner before you go down the escalator to The Bellagio. The video is pretty shaky. Alcohol may have been involved and I was trying to get rid of that glare.

    If you find any more great spots let me know in the comments and please have a look at the YouTube channel. I am going through videos from my past few trips and should be adding more soon.

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