Allegiant Stadium Tour Review

Whether your are a Raiders fan, football fan or just looking for something interesting to do in Vegas The Allegiant Stadium Tour is a must do. We had the pleasure of doing the stadium tour and we are glad we did so. Let’s take a look at The Allegiant Stadium Tour.

Allegiant Stadium Tour

Allegiant Stadium Tour Review

There are two types of tours you can sign up for at Allegiant Stadium. The basic tour and the drink and a view tour. At the end of the basic tour those that paid for the drink and view tour were take up to the torch where they had a drink and an extra view. Besides this we couldn’t tell if there were any more differences in the tour. We opted for the basic tour which took about an hour once it starts.

The tour asks that you be there a half an hour before you designated time. This is a good idea as it will give you some time to get some photos outside Allegiant Stadium and have a look around. You will also have to go through security once they allow you into the stadium. Note that if you have a bag or purse it will have to go through a scanning machine for security reasons.

What do You Get to See?

The tour could change depending on what time of year you are there. Your tour will start by heading up to the famed torch for a great open view of the stadium. This is where you will get your drink at the end of the tour if you opted for this.

Torch at Allegiant Stadium

From there you will get access into the Cheerleaders Dressing Room, the Marc Davis private box, the Raiders Locker Room, field level view as well as some VIP viewing areas and clubs. You will also get to see their Superbowl Trophies as well as lots of other memorabilia. The tour will differ based on whether the field is in or not but we will touch on that in a bit.
Raiders Locker Room

The tour also features lots of unique Raider based art and tributes to past players. There are also video messages from past players like Howie Long to help explain some of the features of the stadium or talk about the history of the team.

Will we be allowed on the Field?

This was a big question before the tour. When you go to sign up for the tour and purchase tickets they will tell you if you have field access that day or not. We did not have field access as it was a couple of days before game day. My thoughts would be that you would have better access to the field if they were on the road of if it was off season. If the turn isn’t in they still bring you down to field level and they off you another feature of the tour. Spoilers, we got access to The Wynn Nightclub in the end zone area. Nothing special there really, just a bar with a view.

Allegiant Stadium with no field

A few notes about the tour.

  • Before hand we watched a video where tours included a zooming in photo/video from one side of the stadium to the other. These are no longer offered as part of the tour which is too bad as it was really cool looking.
  • One of our tour guides was a former Raiderette. She was fantastic, very friendly and knowledgeable.
  • You will get a discount at the Raiders Store after the tour.
  • There is lots of times for photos. No videos allowed. The tour is very structured so they move you along pretty good.
  • Be prepared to hang out with some fanatical Raiders fans! So much fun!
  • Sign up here for your Allegiant Stadium Tour in Las Vegas

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