Cypress Pool at Bellagio Review

This summer we had the opportunity to spend three days at the Cypress Pool at the Bellagio. The Cypress Pool is the private adult pool at the Bellagio. The area is roped off from the rest of the pool area and seats are reserved. If you are looking for an intimate adult pool experience at The Bellagio in Las Vegas this is a must.

Cypress Pool at Bellagio Review

The Cypress Pool at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is the only adults only pool on the property. It is located on the left side as you enter the pool area. Between the large pool and the bathroom and bar area. The area is roped off from the other pools and the staff are very proactive on escorting people out of they have not paid. It is a very relaxed vibe with most people just sunning and taking their swims.

The pool itself isn’t massive by any means but just comfortable enough for the amount of chairs they offer for sale. The photo below shows the Cypress Pool area so it gives you an idea of the number of chairs relative to the size of the pool. There are a number of other pools exactly like this but they are open to the public.

Cypress Pool at Bellagio Review

Benefits of the Cypress Pool at The Bellagio

  • Dedicated staff that attend to you every need such as food and drink orders, moving your shade umbrella or providing towels. They really go the extra mile to make sure you are looked after.
  • A dedicated chair for the day. The first day I lined up about a half an hour early so we could pick our chair out. As we had reservations for several days they automatically saved our chairs for us over the three days. We didn’t have to line up early each day. This was a change from The Mirage Oasis Pool which did not save them each day.
  • Flavoured water and small snacks during the day. Snacks were nothing major but they brought little fresh fruit and ice cream snacks.
  • Located close to the washrooms and bar area.
  • No kids.
  • Proactive on keeping people out that did not reserve a chair. It’s funny to watch people jump over a rope and set up camp only to be escorted out.
  • Very laid back vibe.

Price to Reserve Chairs

This may be the only thing that we have to complain about and that is the cost. The price of chairs are over $100 a day per chair. They are also subject to Surge Pricing depending on availability. The price of chairs kept increasing as we were deciding to reserve them a month out from our trip. After we arrived there many empty chairs and people booked theirs for much less than us or they reserved later in the day for a much reduced price. That’s Vegas for you.

We can’t say enough about the Cypress Pool at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. After spending a luxurious pampered day at this pool you wont want to go back to the regular. The regular pools look like a scene from Caddy Shack after spending a day at The Cypress Pool. See our Las Vegas Swimming Pools Guide for more information on Vegas Pools.

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