Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Guide

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is one the of most recognized symbols you will see in Las Vegas. The symbol of the Las Vegas Sign is everywhere from shirts, hats, key chains and coffee mugs. No Vegas vacation would be complete without a visit to the famous Las Vegas Sign. It is one of the many free attractions on the Las Vegas strip that is worth a visit. Lets talk about visiting the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.

Getting to The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Getting the the Las Vegas Sign takes some work as it is not located at the far south end of the strip. Just south of The Mandalay Bay.  You have several options to get to the sign which include walking, bus or driving. The sign is located at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Walking to The Las Vegas Sign

Walking to the Vegas Sign is an easy option but we would only recommend it if the weather is cool. Google Maps tracks it as a 16 minutes from inside The Mandalay Bay. If the weather is hot as it is in Vegas in the summer you might want to pass on walking.

The walk is fairly flat so that it should be easy for mostly everyone to make. You also pass by a police station which makes the day time walk safe. I personally would not be making the walk at night. We would also recommend bringing a bottle of water for the walk as there are no shops or stores along the way.

Taking the RTC Bus to The Las Vegas Sign

Using the The Deuce bus in Las Vegas is probably the preferred method to the visit the Las Vegas sign.  The buses in Las Vegas hit each stop every 15 minutes making it easy to use as transportation. Passes are as low as $8 for 24 hour access and can be purchased at vending booths located at every stop. You can see the bus stops and routers on the RTC Routes website. When we visited the sign the stop was just slightly past the sign but we do note that they are showing it an official stop now on both sides of the road.

Driving to the Las Vegas Sign

Driving is certainly an option if you have a car while in Las Vegas. It’s a very simple drive right the strip. Parking is free at the sign. It is very easy to get in and out of.

Taking  Pictures at the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Taking photos at the Las Vegas sign is 100% free. You will more than likely find that there is a person there offering to take photos for a fee. This person is not affiliated with the City of Las Vegas or the Las Vegas Sign in any way. You do not have to pay this person to take your photo. That being said the girl that was there when we visited took amazing photos. Having her take the photo was an easy way for us to get photos of the pair of us at the sign. So we tipped her a few dollars and were happy with our photos. Of course you can always ask another visitor to take your photo if you like.

Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas Sign Souvenirs

As we previously mentioned, there are no shops or stores at the sign location. Don’t worry you won’t have a hard time finding sign souvenirs in Las Vegas. Every store or shop that you visit in town will have some type of memento with the sign on it. If you looking to add to your shot glass or fridge magnet collection you will find them at any Walgreen’s, CVS or Casino store.

We have reviewed how to get to the Las Vegas Sign and taking photos at the sign. Having a few photos of the Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is a perfect keepsake to remember your Vegas Vacation. If you are looking for other attractions see our Fun and Free Things to Do on the Las Vegas Strip post.

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