Las Vegas Taxi Airport to Strip Fares

The Las Vegas taxi authority has rolled out new flat rate fares when travelling back and forth from the airport and strip. They have created three strip zones with designated fares when travelling with no stops between the strip and airport. If you have the driver stop then your fare will default to the meter rate. The driver is also instructed to take the most direct route which may include the freeway or surface streets.

If your driver does not charge you the proper zone fare on a direct route you are to report them to the authority. You are asked to report the company name, taxi number and driver permit information.

How does this compare with fares previously?

Many tourists are reporting that new fares are higher than what they were paying previously and are quite a bit higher than ride-share alternatives. From our own experience we generally paid about $25 to The Mirage plus a tip. Now it’s a flat rate of $30before tip.

Ride Share fees can suffer from “surge pricing” so if there is a demand then those fees may be higher than the flat rate of cabs or taxis.

The Nevada Taxi Authority has created a a FAQ for your general questions and information.

April 30th, 2024 – Updated with new fare pricing.

Taxi Fares Las Vegas Strip


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